The John's Project games

Here you can see all the games developed and published by John's Project.

I don't focus on a specific platform, but until now I only developed mobile, PC, and virtual reality, games.

The games can be found on Google Play, Steam and of course, here

Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak logo Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak

Are you good enough to make your country overcome the pandemic? Try it out! You're the president, a pandemic started, manage the country balancing 8 constantly chaging statistics using isolation measures or budget investments.

Box: Boxing logo Box: Boxing

A multiplayer virtual reality boxing game with action filled gameplay and unique graphics. Fight against the CPU or others players in the craziest scenarios you've ever seen and become the champion of the Box:Boxing world! logo

Ever wanted to know how it feels like to be an atom? Guess what, now you can! Experience the every day life of a atom like never before! In you're a atom and your goal is to get the atom with the most electrons, the biggest atom!

NatureFly logo Nature Fly

A VR experience that let's you fly through various fantastic scenarios. It contains wonderfull forest, lake, desert and canyon scenarios that you can explore. There is also the open world mode where you can fly around as you want.

Endless World logo Endless World

A RPG (Role Playing Game) where you can non-stop fight against various types of enemies. In the game you can have the experience of playing in a 3D world with incredible graphics.