Welcome to the John's Project website!

What is John's Project?

You don't know? Well, let me tell you a story.

In the beginning, there was gaming.

Someday my father had the idea to teach me how to develop software. But, at that time I was still too young, we tried and failed, I didn't understand anything. Even after that, I was still interested, so I started a research, that at that time was the biggest research in my life, and the results of this research, changed the rest of my life.

This is how everything began. Game development took the place of gaming and turned into my hobby. And with game development, came software development. Today I've finished school and I'm trying to live from my hobby. This is my current project, all my games and software are a part of it, my biggest project, John's Project.

Current project

Pandemic: The Virus Outbreak

is a government simulation game in wich you're the president and have to strategically plan what actions to take to balance the statistics of your country during a pandemic.

Are you good enough to make your country overcome the pandemic? Try it out!

Want to know what happens if there are no reactions to a pandemic? Try it out!